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Moto IQ Project SC300 Sequential

At last years PRI SHOW I met Eric Jacobs from Moto IQ and he enquired about a Sequential shifter for there SC300 Project. I could tell Eric was the kind of guy to take his time and get things just right and the results are great. To see some quick smooth shifting check out the video on youtube and the install article

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Left lever shifters

We have some great upgrades coming out at the moment for the direct mount shifters, the first of which is the ‘Left lever” variant. This will give much better fitment in some left hand drive cars. This is avalable for all direct mount sequential shifters:

Gm T-56, 4th gen Camaro, Vt-Vz commodore

Ford T-56 & Tr-6060

Dodge Viper t56 & tr6060

Ford Mustang T56

Tremec Magnum 6 bolt, XL & F

Dodge Viper sequential shifter
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Tex racing 101 sequential

One of the great features of our “toploader ” sequential shifter is that its easily adapted all other 4 speed transmissions with external linkages on the left side by changing only shift rod lengths and the shift arms on the box. We now in the process of prototyping the arms to suit the gforce tex racing 101 box.

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What is a sequential shift ?

In the world of social media this discussion often comes up with internet experts trying to tell us our shifters are not a true sequential. Well the hard fact is that our shifters are as sequential as they can possibly be, the definition of sequential is for it to be in order. A sequential gearbox is not necessarily a dog box and a dog box is not necessarily sequential, the internal engagement method is unrelated to the shift pattern. Our sequential shifters work great with dog or synchro gears.

To see a great explanation how synchros work read this article from Tremec,,mesh%20with%20the%20next%20gear.

Dog engagement can be seen clearly here

Of the two methods synchro engagement is by far the most refined and greatest technical achievement but the dog engagement definitely has is place in some race cars.

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The toploader shifters are here.

This shifter will suit all the early 4 speed manuals with external shift rods on the left side of the box , Andrews T101, Gforce 101, Jerico, Muncie, t10 and we do expect there will be high demand for these as many of you still use these in race cars with dog gearsets . The design has a unique lever virtual pivot system that allows us to have a high lever with a very short throw and move the lever to almost the center line of the box.

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Position sensor V3

This is hardly the most exciting product for most of you but it shows one of the incremental improvements we make along the way . These still use the same 3 axis hall effect sensor you read shifter position/gear from a magnet inside the shifter but have been repackaged in a much neater case.

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What Sequential shifter do you want to see next ?

We have been designing and making sequential shifters for around 5 years now with the sold globally and have been gradually increasing the range and gaining experience in the art or shifter design along the way. We are now at the point that we can design sequential shifters in a much shorter time that was previously possible however it is still a much bigger job that most people imagine.
Below are some designs we already have heading for production but are not in stock yet and some others that we are trying to gauge interest in to see if we can get enough sales to make it viable. If you would like to subscribe for updates and let us know you are interested in any of these fill out your details in the appropriate form.

Sequential Shifters that are heading for production now or soon:


Corvette Sequential shifter

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TKO Sequential shifter

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Toploader Sequential

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Sequential shifters we can make if there is enough interest 

Cd009/ 350z

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Mazda MX5

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Subaru WRX

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Nissan GTR

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Nissan Rb25 box

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Nissan Patrol

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Toyota R154

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Mitsubishi Evo

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Ford Mustang Mt-82

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