Load Cell / Strain Gauge Gear Knob

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Strain gauge load cell gear knob, Digital and analog outputs

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These are by far the most advanced load sensing shift knob on the market , with fully programmable analog and digital outputs with timers and numerous features to make this reliable and easy to use in any application. On board timers and logic means this product is ideal for anything from a top-level aftermarket ECU to a 2 step/ flat shift module. Removable inserts with M12x1.75, M10x1.5 threads  and a blank adapter which can be easily drilled and tapped to your chosen thread without risking damage to the shift knob internals.

H-pattern & Sequential cover styles are available but they are both the same on the inside  and configurable in the software so choose which ever you like the best.


  • Suitable for Sequential or H pattern shift.
  • Factory set analog and digital outputs (no programming necessary).
  • Adjustable digital trigger in both directions.
  • Programmable output – grounded or floating.
  • Scaleable analog output 0-5v.
  • Cut and inhibit timers on digital output.
  • Additional settings to optimize features.
  • No external electronics.
  • 10×1.5, 12×1.75 , and blank (with 4mm pilot hole) adapters supplied.
  • Shielded ETFE wire.
  • Self diagnosing while in use, if fault detected the cut becomes inactive and and small square wave is output on analog wire for data logging .

Available in black (UV stable, anodized) with a sandblast style finish for increased grip.

Download instructions here 



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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 3 × 5 × 2 cm

Gold, Silver, Black, Black Alcantara


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