Sequential shifter : Ford T56/Tr6060

$1,995.00 USD (Australian customers contact us to buy in AUD)

A bolt on sequential shift conversion for the Tremec t56 gearbox. Faster more consistent shifts while retaining a factory gearbox.




The T56 is one of the strongest manual transmissions available in a production car. Mechanically these are a great gearbox the internals are strong and reliable their only downfall is shifting. The shifting issues experienced most often aren’t caused by the gearbox its self but from the difficulties shifting cars under the high acceleration loads experienced from the powerful engines they are used with this is exactly the reason almost all dedicated race gearboxes use a sequential shift action. The Sequential shifter solves these issues by converting the H pattern shift to sequential pattern.

We designed many different methods to do the sequential shift conversion and decided that a purely mechanical solution was the only way to go this not only ensures reliability but it gives the driver the raw feedback that is required. The shifter bolts on to a standard gearbox with no modifications and does not need any electronics to function.

Which gearboxes will this version fit?

This version is to suit what would be considered the early Ford t56 cars and include the gearboxes from:

  • Ba Falcon
  • Others to be added

Please check the dimensioned drawing to the right to check compatability. Keep in mind that we sell shifters to fit gearboxes and slight tunnel modifications may need to be made to fit your car.


This is a unique product with multiple factory configuration options so we assemble to order. Please allow up to 4 days for us to assemble your shifter then all items are delivered via DHL express.


Unfortunately due to a surge in sales we are currently out of stock, More will be available December 2017. You can place an order now and it will be shipped when ready or send us an email and we contact you when they are back in stock .


Installation instructions can be downloaded as pdf here Ford sequential shifter instructions. Please notice that a slight modification must be made to the gearbox housing for this shifter.

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