Sequential shifter : Magnum

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Sequential shifter conversions for t56 magnum and magnum xl.



Sequential shifter Magnum


Our sequential shifter has been sold worldwide and is currently fitted to many high-performance road & race cars. Inside a sequential shifter forces can be quite high while other designs might jam or break our unique design guarantees much more efficient shifts and lower internal forces on the shifter guaranteeing reliability all rotation parts run on ball bearings, we design for performance and not cosmetics. This is indisputably the quickest shifter for a t56 synchro box this is the ultimate shifter for your t56 gearbox. 

  • Light weight & low-profile design 
  • Precise mechanical feed back to the driver 
  • Fast consistent shifting 
  • Mechanical reverse lock out for safety and ease of installation
  • Option of 0-5V position sensor for use with data logging and electronic dash equipment, can also be used for gear-based boost settings and other applications. 
  • Proven performance 
  • Neutral can be selected between every gear 

Performance benefits 

Our sequential shifter does not work by forcing the gearbox into gear and will actually apply less force to the internals than a standard shifter and far less miss shifts will drastically reduce gearbox wear. The shifter has been specifically designed for use with synchro gearboxes and the loads encountered under hard driving, you will not break this shifter!

The shift speeds are improved purely through the greatly improved usability for the driver. The simple pull back to up shift and push forwards to down shift is much easier to coordinate all movements under racing loads than the H-pattern shift. We have also optimised the design for the best driver feedback possible we do not add any rubber joints to give the driver a smoother feeling as in the performance application we would call that a vague shift. 

In car footage of shift speeds can be seen at these links: sequential shifter street test   Sequential shifter on track

What’s included in this kit?

There are multiple options to choose but all include everything needed to convert your car to sequential shift:

  • If you like the simplicity of no electronics you might like to order the shifter with no accessories.
  • If your car is fitted with an aftermarket dash display you will probably be able to display the gear on this with only the gear position sensor (0-5V output).
  • If you want a gear display and have a standard dash display in your car the easiest way is without gear position sensor and gear indicator. 

Which gearboxes will this version fit?

This version is to suit the after market Magnum gearbox with the large 6 bolt shifter mounting flange or the Magnum XL with the extended housing and 4 bolts shifter mount, please select the correct version in the drop down box. If you are sure which version of the sequential shifter you need please contact us and we will help work that out. 


We now have all shifters in stock ready to ship, Your shifter will normally leave our workshop within 24 hours and delivery usually takes 2-3 days to any where in the world. 


Fitting instructions can be downloaded as a pdf Magnum instructions. 

Additional information

Weight 4.2 kg
Dimensions 30 x 40 x 10 cm
Magnum (6bolt)/Magnum xl (4bolt)

Magnum (6bolt), Magnum xl (4bolt)


Shifter only, +Gear knob, + Gearknob & Postition sensor, + Gearknob, Position sensor & Gear indicator, + Gearknob, Position sensor, Gear indicator & Shifter surround

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